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Brittany & Brian {First Anniversary Celebration}

“Hey, pretty girl, it feels so right
Just like it’s meant to be
All wrapped up in my arms so tight
Hey, pretty girl, it feels so right

Life’s a lonely, winding ride
Better have the right one by your side
Happiness don’t drag its feet
Time moves faster than anything”

{Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore}

On a perfectly mild August day in Kentucky, Brittany and Brian danced to those lyrics for the first time as husband and wife. A year has passed and since the line ‘time moves faster than anything’ is often a reality, these two love birds wanted to take a moment to celebrate the first milestone in their journey as Mr. & Mrs.

B & B love the outdoors, camping and fire so a beautiful wooded campsite at First Landing State Park was the ultimate setting.

Conner Anniversary-1001


I incorporated details from their wedding: Navy blue, light green, silver, and burlap. The framed ‘C’ was a wedding gift – LOVE IT!

Conner Anniversary-1002


Meet Hawkeye, their adorable fur-child and official stealer-of-the-show…which I totally didn’t mind since doggies are the bestest!

Conner Anniversary-1003Conner Anniversary-1004Conner Anniversary-1005


I’m pretty sure Hawkeye has a smile on his face.

Conner Anniversary-1006

Conner Anniversary-1007Conner Anniversary-1008


Brittany & Brian have a very comfortable, genuine connection…it is beautiful to watch.

Conner Anniversary-1009Conner Anniversary-1010Conner Anniversary-1011Conner Anniversary-1012


Brittany, I love your eyes!

Conner Anniversary-1013Conner Anniversary-1014Conner Anniversary-1015


We made our way from the campsite to the beach but first stopped to ‘play’ in the grassy dunes.

Conner Anniversary-1016Conner Anniversary-1017Conner Anniversary-1018


This is one of my favorites. These two definitely know how to have fun together!

Conner Anniversary-1019Conner Anniversary-1020


Brittany carried calla lilies on her wedding day, which made them a must-have for her anniversary session!

Conner Anniversary-1021


And of course, more Hawkeye! He’s clearly a well-loved pooch.

Conner Anniversary-1022Conner Anniversary-1023


Such a stunning couple.

Conner Anniversary-1024Conner Anniversary-1025Conner Anniversary-1026Conner Anniversary-1027Conner Anniversary-1028Conner Anniversary-1029


Breathtakingly gorgeous.

Conner Anniversary-1030Conner Anniversary-1031


The first annual ‘anniversary photograph.’ Brittany and Brian plan to take a picture every year that illustrates their current season of life. They are in the Hampton Roads, VA area because of Brittany’s college program. She’ll be finished before their second anniversary so next year’s picture will be completely different!

Conner Anniversary-1032Conner Anniversary-1033Conner Anniversary-1034Conner Anniversary-1035


Time for fire and cake. It was so fun that B & B chose to save eating their wedding cake topper/first anniversary cake for our time together. (And according to Brittany, it was still good!)

Conner Anniversary-1036Conner Anniversary-1037Conner Anniversary-1038Conner Anniversary-1039


In true campfire fashion, we ended the evening with s’mores. When I first pitched the ‘anniversary campfire with s’mores’ photo session idea to Brittany, she was especially excited about the s’mores. She even wanted to include them in their wedding day but it just didn’t work out. I’m so glad we were able to make it happen. There is definitely something magical about a marshmallow that’s been toasted over an open fire!

Conner Anniversary-1040

Conner Anniversary-1041


Congratulations Brittany & Brian! May the joy and love in your hearts continue to exponentially increase as you celebrate many more anniversaries together!



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