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She is Loved – Your Help is Needed!

So you know when God, like, drops an idea into your head & heart and you get excited and then He’s like ‘act on it’ and you’re like ‘um what? ok, sure’ and then you start to work on it and are like ‘what the heck am I doing cause this is so far beyond me’ and He’s like ‘um yeahhh, that’s the point, trust me’ so you’re like ‘ok whatever God’ and keep on doing the ridiculous things? (I hope you read that with an accent and a little bit of attitude…if not, go back and try again)

Yeah, that’s where I am. 😀 She is Loved is growing faster than I expected. God has connected me with other women who have the same heart and goal of LOVING on you beautifully wonderfully super-fantastic lady-peeps out there and we’ve decided it’s time to get us a wardrobe collection started.

Several ladies are already on the hunt for outfits and ms.-fancy-pants-dresses for their She is Loved sessions and we want to help them AND future She is Loved ladies out. SOOOOO

I’m asking for donations. If you have outfits and/or dresses that are sitting in your closet taking up space, I will gladly help you clear them out! Contact me and we’ll arrange a collection rendezvous:)


I also know that God gave me the idea for She is Loved, but it is definitely not ‘mine’. This is supposed to be a group effort of women loving on women. If you are a photographer, hair & makeup artist, or have other services or products you’d love to donate, let me know! I will absolutely give credit for products and services in the blog posts.

My initial goal is to share the stories and images of 31 women in the month of October but I know it’s going to grow beyond that. There is power in a photograph and photo sessions can be life-changing. I know that to be true from personal experience.

I can’t wait to share the stories of the women who have already contacted me. October is going to be an amazing month! If you’re still on the fence about participating, GET OFF THE DERN FENCE and just go for it! 😀 YOU HAVE A STORY regardless of how simple or mundane you think it is! And I promise being in front of the camera will be easier than you might think 😉 {To sign up, fill out my Inquiry form ; select ‘other’ for interested in}


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  • Brandi - I’d LOVE to participate as a makeup artist and lover of women! It’s thrilling to see how God is using you Erin! And I’m going to repost your comment. It’s so inspiring!!

    Proud of you.
    YOU are loved.


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