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She is Loved: Tributes

I said in my last post that I know She is Loved is not ‘mine’. This new project/blog/whatever-it-becomes-in-the-future is supposed to be a group effort. It’s supposed to include voices from every background of life. Diversity is beautiful and I don’t believe it’s celebrated anywhere near as much as it should be.

As much as I wish every female on the planet could experience a She is Loved photo session, that’s just not realistic. Especially since some of the most awesome women in our lives are no longer with us.

That’s where YOU come in.  In addition to the stories and images of the ladies who participate in a She is Loved photo session {Sign up here for your own session}, I want to give you an opportunity to honor the special women in your life. I want pictures and stories of your favorite grandmothers, mothers, sisters and friends. I want to join you in celebrating the beautiful woman who cares for your kids while you go to work or the one who watched you as a child. This is your chance to love on those who have made a difference in your world…or possibly to remember the legacy of someone who has passed.

How to join the She is Loved party:

  1. Type in the ‘TO’ section of a new email message
  2. In the subject line write ‘A tribute to_____’ (except instead of a blank, please actually write the person’s name 😉 ) In order to keep this as organized as possible on my end, if you would like to honor more than one person, please send more than one email…with one person’s pictures and story per email.
  3. Attach between 1-10 images of the person you want to honor. (if you send 5-10, chances are that some will be made into a collage, just FYI)
  4. In the message, include the info you want written in the blog post. Please be as detailed and personal as you can. It doesn’t have to be long if that’s not your style but try to write something memorable and meaningful. “This is Susie and she’s my BFF and she’s great” just isn’t the same as “This is Susie. We met in the 4th grade and have been inseparable ever since. Over the years we’ve talked about boys, cried together due to the stress of college finals, and helped each other decorate our homes. But the reason I could never imagine my life without Susie is her huge heart for people and especially me. She was right there beside me as I walked through the loss of my dear aunt to cancer last summer. Words will never be able to express just how much her love helped me get through the hardest time of my life…”   Get it? (ok sorry, that was a sad example…now think about bunny rabbits, puppies, rainbows and sunshine. Better???)
  5. Once you’ve included all the pictures and info you want, hit send. I know that not everyone is a writer…I still laugh at the thought of me writing…so if you just include bullet points or a basic run down of the person’s history and why you’re honoring them, I will put it together for you. Don’t get hung up on the writing part 😉
  6. Once your post is scheduled, I’ll let you know the date so you can be ready when your friends and family freak. out. because you’re the BEST daughter/granddaughter/sibling/friend ever since you showed them love through the world wide web 😀


Make sense?  And also, just like we’re not looking for perfection in the writing dept, we’re not necessarily looking for professional photos either. This is real life. This is showing authentic love, and that’s not always gonna be illustrated with fancy pictures!

Now, go flood my inbox with fabulousness. I can’t wait to see what you send me!

She is Loved Tributes

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