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Photography provides us with an opportunity to savor life, slow down for a period of time, and focus on what truly matters. It gives us a chance to freely be ourselves and celebrate what sets us apart. Photographs acknowledge the value of a moment. The moments that make life worth living are moments that will never be lived again.

We all have a unique story – a story that’s often unseen. This story is known only by those closest to us. Those whom we feel most comfortable with are the ones we allow to access the innermost parts of our hearts.

I want to celebrate your story! I want to celebrate the greatness inside of you and the beauty of your life.  Your time with me is all about you. Whether it’s a wedding or a portrait session, I’ll take the time to learn what makes you special and together we’ll create beautiful art that displays the masterpiece of YOU!



Your wedding day will be one in a million. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for – the day your two stories will become one. You’ll look into each others’ eyes and say “I Do” to a new legacy of love.  Let’s celebrate your relationship and show the world what it looks like to be ‘head over heels’ for your ‘one & only’.

Wedding collections start at

$ 3,500

Leading Lady

Poise, confidence, beauty & strength – you’re the leading lady of your story. Here’s your chance to take center stage and show off your inner super star. From Preteen to ‘Perfectly Seasoned’, let’s orchestrate a performance worthy of an Academy Award.

Collections start at

$ 350


Photographs are a time machine to the past. They allow us to experience the emotions of a moment over and over again. Let’s illustrate the current chapter of your life in a way that’s uniquely you – An anniversary picnic in the park, baking cookies in your kitchen, or simply documenting the ‘day to day’.

Collections start at

$ 350

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

                                ~ Vincent Van Gogh